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Originally Posted by Stev160 View Post
Criminal TBF, just like some genuious thought it was a good idea to sell mk2 mg zs wheels at 100 a set to ex employees who probably dont even have a mgr anymore. Surely would have been more justifiable to set up a ebay shop and sell them for 500 a set.

And all the gear in the pictures should of just gone to xpart. Simple.

Whats the reason to scrap it all? Not really justifiyable.
I have to strongly disagree here.
Most of the employees still do have MG-R's and I think a 100 set of rims is the very least they are owed seen as no-one got any redundancy money when the company went pop.
At the end of the day SAIC is a huge company so do you honestly expect them to set up an EBAY account and pay someone to start selling wheels that may get them a few grand, which to them is fly sh!t in the grand scheme of things.

The same with these parts, there really isn't that much moneys worth in these parts and as said XPart went in to L/B and decided to leave this stuff for good reason.

2 years ago we were in L/B picking up whole ZR bodyshells at 100 a pop and then approx 200 that were unsold got crushed.
So as said before these few parts really are nothing.
When you work for a large company you see the volume of parts that go in and out the gate and you realise these are just a few nuts and bolts left on the garage floor in comparison.
These parts haven't gone out the gate because it is a bigger ball ache and more expensive to sell them rather than just to weigh them all in
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Originally Posted by kelvin View Post
my body shop has been waiting for a rear bumper for a mk1 zr for 4 months now this is so bad why isnt xpart buying up all this stuff!!!
I suggest you go and jump up and down at them then. As far as I am aware, there isn't any particular problem obtaining collision parts.

It is rapidly approaching the time, particularly for the earlier ZR's, when the cost of the parts and the labour to fit and finish them will make it uneconomic to repair anything that requires new panels.

If XPart have been in, they will have assessed their own stocks of these parts against the likely future demand and I am sure will have acquired anything the need. There is also a substantial cost involved if they were to take them, sort them and package them for resale. The parts left will be either damaged or not needed.
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How do you know that Xpart, Rimmer Bros, best of british etc weren't given first refusal and decided against having the parts..?

Having a copy of the Rimmer Bros catalogue infront of me they are discounting stock left, right and centre so maybe they couldn't afford it..

Look at how the contents of the flight shed went.. all to the one guy who doesn't rip anybody off and sells them parts when they need them!
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Well if they are so big and mighty who decided to groval to gain 100 for a set of wheels, why didn they just scrap those aswell? hmm more expensive to sell the parts than the money that will be generated.... I dont think so. Your term of money's worth may differ from mine, for example if a fog light switch and relay sells for 15 then to me thats alot, so if all those odds and sods got sold your looking at alot of money.
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It's simply not worth the drama for a major business to sell off what amounts to scrap via ebay, etc - as has been stated.

Those that lost their jobs deserve any benefits they can get their hands on. Anyone that has lost their job, or had a family member in this boat will vouch for that. How anyone could feel any anger towards them I'll never know...
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