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Originally Posted by yellow-peril
Originally Posted by AndyK160
Originally Posted by Richard
Originally Posted by yellow-peril
in a very mixed up world that has very little else to offer them.
Bit strong that in it ??????? :blink2: :blink2:
True tho........we as kids had it a hell of a lot better, little crime, no drugs, and you could get a clip round the ear if you stepped out of line without the pc police stepping in........never did me any harm :hiding:
nor me :hiding: :up:

but things have changed a lot since we were kids , and not all for the better
Maybe guys i dont know !!! I've only got my own experiences to go on !!!

I guess the thing i think about is we all have choices !!! Yer have to choose to take drugs etc..... I've kept away from such things and never been associated with things like that !!!
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