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ludo.190 14-11-2018 12:30

Start and cut immediately

My 2005 ZR 160 Start and cut immediately :o

Immobilizer seems desable (the led is off)
I can hear the pump arm when I turn the contact

With an odb reader i have P0160 ,my MAP sensor is dead, but I could start like this since few days

I will soon receive this sensor from Rimmer but I'm afraid it does not solve my problem

thanks for your help!

JOHNDQ 14-11-2018 13:03

Normal if start and cut out it's an immobiliser problem on the MK2 if it is that talk to this man....

Failing that we need a new ECU, BCU and key fob if of course it is this

Man in the Car 14-11-2018 21:54

Starting and then cutting out again within a few seconds is often an indication that the code that the engine ECU shares with the security system has become corrupted - on July 2003 on cars it is usually memory loss in the Pektron SCU, with may have been brought on by a flat car battery , or the car being jump started.

If it is the code that is lost or corrupted, the engine ECU and SCU can be re-matched using suitable diagnostic equipment.

ludo.190 14-11-2018 23:26

Thank you for your answer guys,

Unfortunately the car is not at home, in a few days I'll be able to go see it with my PSCAN, I hope I'll be able to start it!

ludo.190 15-11-2018 19:00


I went to see the sick car with my PSCAN!

In immobiliser status--> Correct EMS code received

i have try to reprogramming my fob but the car doesn't start more

ludo.190 25-11-2018 07:53


Could you say me where in the "ambiente air temperature" sensor on a 160 MK2 please?

Mine annonces 59 degree!!


JOHNDQ 25-11-2018 18:38

Its build into the MAP sensor thats on the intake manifold (4 pin multi plug)

ludo.190 27-12-2018 17:33

hello guys
I have changed lambda sensor, sensor and crankshaft sensor
I have check the timing belt

the car starts well
she stalls
if I accelerate a few times, it does not hold, the idle is very low about 500rpm
no power

Do you think that the gas pump is involved knowing that it starts immediately?

ludo.190 26-02-2019 18:54

Hello Mg Specialiste,

I need your opinion

As i probably have a problem with the memory of my scu, i sent my ecu to disable immobilizer on.
But I still have starting problem I think because there is always a physical link between the ecu and the SCU

Do you think I have to cut this wire? (pin 72 MEMS3)

ludo.190 26-02-2019 19:18

i have find this:

"***8226; Immobiliser State : Shows the current state of MEMS3 immobilisation. If the value shows OK the ECU has received at least one correct security code since the ignition was switched on otherwise there has been no signal transmitted between the Immobiliser ECU and MEMS3 or the signal did not contain the correct code. If the value shows IMMOBILISED the engine will start and fire once for about 1 second and then stop as the fuel injections are inhibited. If the ignition is switched off for approx. 20 seconds this sequence will repeat. "

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