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Alarm sounds off but won't stop with key fob

My lads ZR160 (04 plate) alarm started to sound off without warning last night and wouldn't turn off nor open the door with the fob (all has been OK with the car as he used it yesterday afternoon and regularly for commuting to work).

Tried various thing (removing fuses, changing battery in the pektron fob, resetting it) but all to no avail - alarm still sounding and no response from the car at all.

Disconnected the battery and left it off all night. Went to it earlier this morning and found (in daylight) that one of the leads from the battery to chassis had come away!

Repaired it and re-attached it to a cleaned area on the chassis, put brand new 500cca battery in to car - connected up and alarm sounds straight away and keeps going - cannot turn it off with either of the 2 fobs!!

Any suggestions as to what we can do next will be gratefully received!!!

ps Battery has been disconnected again for now.
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