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I would say that has something to do with it, but it appears that the facebook/twitter obsessed generation don't have much to do with forums (preferring the dodgy advice handed out in those places rather than research more reliable information on forums).

It is also the case that the MG and Rover cars are now firmly in 'banger' territory, and a lot of current owners have acquired them as a runaround, and have no particular interest in them as long as they get them to where they want to go. When they no longer do that and either break down or fail an MOT test, they aren't deemed to be worth spending any money on, so get scrapped - the owners have no interest in finding out how to repair them or maintain them.

Of course, there may also be a significant proportion of them which are now getting into the hands of the illiterate

Welcome back, by the way Don't know if you will get any more replies/responses, but I and JOHNDQ seem to be the only ones who reply to any posts on here nowadays
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