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160 van clean up

Well folks, today I started the clean up and repair of the worst scuffs etc on my van, when I bought it the other week the front n/s wing had a nasty little scuff and dent in on it, which also pulled the bumper out more than where it normally sits -
Bent wing by alistaircrat, on Flickr
So I decided it was easy enough to take wing off and fix with removed, this way I could treat wing on inside aswell where the paint had broken -
arch repair by alistaircrat, on Flickr
After straigtning out wing and removing crease I then checked to see if wing fitted better on car which it did with the bumper sitting how it should.

Last week I bought some "hide everything" wheel arches off fleabay which I then gave a coat of plastic primer, coat of british racing green, then 2 coats of pearl black, and 2 coats of laquer -
2011-11-01 16.44.49 by alistaircrat, on Flickr

2011-11-01 16.45.01 by alistaircrat, on Flickr
Arches on car are spotless, but I just like these extensions and think they finish off zrs nicely!
30 on paint if you DIY rather expensive body shop.
Inbetween painting arches I gave the rest of the van a t-cut and a good polish- just used cheap polish although cant mind the name of it, brought the van up really well though -
shiny by alistaircrat, on Flickr

2011-11-01 14.12.42 by alistaircrat, on Flickr

2011-10-31 14.47.06 by alistaircrat, on Flickr
Tommorow, Im going to touch up frt of n/s skirt and finish painting wing, and then refit it all so I will add more pics.
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