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hey man,

thanks a lot for your posts. gona take a look at the honda... definitely would want one that is easier to ride and punishes you as little as possible for mistakes.

don't know if i'm crazy considering a bike though and should just buy an exotic supercar or something instead... really don't wanna fall off haha, too much of a pussy to get hurt

those big 1ltr sportsbikes must be insane to ride.

Originally Posted by dailey87 View Post
roz1! you biking brah?

People will tell you to get the most powerful, hardest bike you can afford. I would only do that if i felt a desperate need to splatter myself over the first dry stone wall i came across....

There is nothing wrong with buying a sports bike as your first bike imo, but a gixxer 750 is pushing it a bit. It's not the power that will catch you out, any clown can twist their wrist and rocket into the distance from a roll. My worry is a gixxer will tankslap like a b*tch if it doesn't have a serious steering damper and the torque of a 750 is epic. The front wheel will come up or spin and you're off.

Riding a bike is a massive learning curve mate, even after you've sat your test on a 500 or whatever, a 600cc inline-4 is a huge step up.

My 600 is not that sporty as far as 600s go, more a "hot-hatch" of bikes but it will still hit 60 in 3.5s, 100 in 7s and crack the 1/4 in a little over 11s.... it's very nearly killed me a few times due to my own inexperience and it's nowhere near as twitchy as a gixxer.

If you have to have a new sports bike with an image then for a n00b rider you can't get much better than a honda CBR600RR with ABS. A cracking bike with more power than a 600 GSXR and it won't bite quite as hard if you do something stupid. VV

Buy some crash mushrooms too. no matter how much of a natural you are you're going to hit the ground hard sometime so you might as well protect the paintwork!
Originally Posted by dailey87 View Post
A 911 turbo is faster all out (with the exception of the new zx10-r and the bmw s1000rr perhapse) than any bike in a max speed drag race kind of thing.

The GSXR is the more twichy of the two but also the quickest on a track (only just). A zx-6r is more powerful and faster on the road. Other than that it's which one you like most. However, suzukis are the least reliable of jap bikes, the finish is crap and they will rust in a bit of wet. Kawks are bullet proof.
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