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Thorsby Ford & Jap Show pics

Once again I've been snap happy with the camera and took plenty of pics.

Jonno will love the rally schlag classic Fords lol. Anyways, here's the pics...

The Fords

The guy that owns this, owns about another 7 mk1 and mk2 Escorts and builds them up to Works spec or better himself.

Another of his rally cars

Rally Legend - Ford RS200

Various Cossies, RS & classics

How's this for engine bright work - The car is a black Sierra RS500

Back to the others
Oooooold Schooool Granada

Older school Cortina resto rally car (note the rally light on the roof)

Repsol rally Cosworth - Cool as Iceman's ar5ehole IMO

More old school
Mk1 Fiesta XR2

Very Rare Mk1 Fiesta Cabriolet

Trio of Capris

Capri mk1 Racer

Escort RS1600s

Focus RS

New Focus RS

Aussie Ford Pickup XR6

WTF is this!? each to their own I know but there is a limit lol

The Japanese Cars

I didn't take many pics of the Jap cars as I was pretty bored of trying to get pics and people walking in shot or owners just been plain ignorant but I did get some...

AE86 Sprinter Trueno Saloon

One for Hob - Castrol Rep Celica, not a GT4 though

Old school Jap car
1970 Toyota Celica - Came second in the car of the show competition

Its all about the Datsuns lol

Datsun 260Z Race car - V6 Twin turbo 393bhp!

The rear tyres are 335mm wide!

Modern Datsuns lol, Nissan 350Z with lots of NISMO bits

NISMO CF rear spoiler

More NISMO CF goodness

This 350Z was superb, Carbon fibre everywhere! Everything on it was expensive stuff...Car of the Show winner
Carbon bonnet

REAL Carbon fibre roof - Replaces metal roof skin

Carbon fibre tailgate

Carbon fibre Diffuser

Carbon fibre Canards

19" RacingHart Wheels, K-Sport 8pot calipers and RacingHart Exhaust

As said, there were loads more cars, just about every jap car you could think of was there but I was getting bored of the picture taking and I wanted to be able to just look round and enjoy it rather than take pics of everything so these are the only pics.

Thanks for looking.
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