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Shafz 23-04-2010 11:14

Info packed new section
Created this new section for new members so they can easily find information as most dont seem to use the search function or cannot search due to the 3 letter search limit e.g. HGF. This link will sent in the "welcome" PM that new members receive

Also this will free up annoying stickies from the top of forum sections

Feel free to Add to it, but any crap will be removed

I will probably nominate someone to look after this section


Maxxed_Ross 23-04-2010 11:33

class idea there!

Shafz 23-04-2010 11:40

If members can just add to posts where they think there is incorrect information or can add to it, it would be much appreciated

0-naughty in 6secs 23-04-2010 11:40

yeah, a welcomed idea bud-cheers

GavZR 23-04-2010 11:43

good idea! I hate it when you search for things that are only 3 letters :(

andylew0 23-04-2010 11:49

No spam noob ends.

Shafz 23-04-2010 15:29


Originally Posted by andylew0 (Post 1800434)
No spam noob ends.

^that, but suggestions can be listed in this thread

Shafz 07-05-2010 11:19


just to let people know we have this section

joycey 07-05-2010 11:43

Good plan man

j666mme 27-05-2010 01:07

y not put up the comon terms used on here and meanings

i.e FTW, HGF just so newbies know what they mean :) also think the Facepalm logo shoulf be explained as when i signed up it took me a while to work all these out :)

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