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Due to several complaints to admin/mods regarding the content of "OFF TOPIC", and after much disscussion by us, we are cracking down on the posting of "pointless" threads!!

We would please ask people to use their common sense when posting in this forum. Yes, this section is for things not relating to the ZR. but we ask that this is used sensibly. We also ask members to realise that this site can be and is used by younger members and to take this into consideration when posting.

The admin/mods team will be deleting threads that are felt to be inappropriate and if people have problems with this they are asked to pm a member of the team with their opinions and actions will be explained.

This is not meant as a way to stop people posting in this forum but a method of managing the pointless threads that are tbh getting out of hand!

Please take a look at the forum regulation:

* Please post to the appropriate forum.

* Please do not use text talk or similar slang, as it unlegible and people may not reply to your post if they cannot view it.

* Please do not use excessive use of !!!??? and similar in topic titles, please also include a description in your title, things like help!!!!!!!!!!????? or where???????????? are not good titles, titles such as: Help needed in removing air box, and where can i fhe Xpower catalogue are good topic titles, When starting new topics in ALL forums (Gen Disc and otherwise) could users please use the space in "Subject" line to give a brief description as to the content of the topic.

* When replying to a post, please keep your comments on the subject of the original post. The person who originates the post dictates the topic of the post. If the thread gets you thinking about another topic, start a new thread.

* Ads and Commercial notices are not permitted on the boards in any form (unless pre-approved by a forum admin). If you have any doubt if your post falls in this category, contact the webmaster before posting.

* When a users posts a question in the forum, replies are expected to address the inquiry seriously. Please reserve your wit and tongue-in-cheek answers for later replies, after the original query has been fully addressed. This is doubly important when the post is from a relatively new user.

* If you see a post that you consider inappropriate for the board, please do not attempt to moderate the thread yourself. Just notify the moderator. Bear in mind that if you participate in a “flame war” you are likely to bear the same punishment as the instigator. If you really need to answer back, do it in a PM. Even if you feel the post is a troll (i.e. a deliberate attempt to rile people up about a subject that has been beaten to death), don’t reply to it, and notify a moderator.

* Conversational “chaff” should be minimized in discussion threads. The forum is not a chat room. If your reply doesn’t introduce new information to the post, consider not making it. When addressing comments to a particular user, and not a topic of the post, please use a Personal Message (PM) rather than replying in the thread.

* Please keep your posts positive, constructive, and about the issue in the thread. boards are not a platform for personal or anonymous attacks. Do not use disparaging references towards other people on the board, even if you disagree with their ideas.

* Images in signatures should be small, and quick to load. If your image takes a long time to download because of size, or because the server it's hosted on is not good, don't use it please. Guidelines for signatures are - Image should be no larger than 400 pixels wide and 100 pixels high - only one image can ve used, and no more than 255 can be inputted.

* Accounts & Profiles: Please complete your user profile with accurate information.

* Rights: boards are used by hundereds of people from a wide geographic distribution. Some people visit the board once, some once and hour. The boards are here to serve the community as a whole. Users who posts 20 times a day have no greater privilege than those who post twice a year. Posters are measured by the quality of what they add to the discussion, rather than the volume. This is a privately owned and operated board please bear that in mind when posting threads or replying to other members posts.

Many Thanks

ZRVic is banned  
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