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105+ ERATIC IDLING FINALLY SOLVED! :) Now have window trouble :S HELP!

Took the car to an ex rover garage beadles about 5 mins from my house, they put it on testbook and the only fault that showed was... throttle switch. For those that dont know, my car was idling erratically buzzing itself up between 1 and half to 2k revs. It was really getting to me and was using up petrol, soon as i had just bought the car i was very dissapointed. Still, fault found now hopefully. They are charging me 220.61 for everything and they chuck in a free testbook test after they have fitted the part to check its done the trick! Is this price reasonable? could i have had it done cheaper? or even done it myself? or does it need to be set up using testbook software?

Since i bought the car last thursday, the drivers lock was grinding, i had the idle problem and a sticking electric window. I spent hours on the lock getting it to work correctly using a manual that i found on here. I found that the window rubber runner nearest the wing mirror (drivers side) had sort of folded over and was stopping the window rising, i temporarily sprayed it up with a lubricant (not the best idea i know as it will dry the rubber out) and it worked a treat. I was just wondering if i can replace this rubber runner or is there a specific lubricant i can put on it to help the window run free. I want to get them tinted by vampire tints now and they take the whole window out to do it so would this friction peel the tint off and damage it? some people have told me to smear vasaline on the rubber track? has anyone had this sorta experience?

All replies will be appreciated!
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