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martinhodge 03-12-2015 23:11

not a zr i know
well havnt been on here in a while .

anyway im rebuilding my rover coupe

well before shot blasting i decided to remove all the underseal and seam sealer from the joins of the chassis rails so that i could stich weld down the car to stiffern the chassis up a bit and to make it a bit stronger .

so spent a few hours with a scrapper and a wire brush attachment cleaning up the areas that i was gunna weld up .

quick jet wash out side

some of the damage and rust

damage to front passenger sill

where the tyres used to rub . this will be cleaned up and welded up .

rust and damage to rear drivers sill

rust to the drivers rear quater .

all the oil and crap under the car

where some one had done a repair on the rear anti roll bar before . tempted to cut this out and re do it as it isnt straght and not the best of repairs .

removing all the seam seeler on the chassis rails .

removing all the seem sealer from the rear end

i am fitting a new tank and uprated feul pump so banged a hole in the old one to remove the old fuel

then after all the areas are exposed a light dusting of weld through primer to stop it rusting .

now on wards to remove the rear panels which i have left the body shop man to do

martinhodge 03-12-2015 23:13

so built up the front suspension and brakes .

the engine rebuild .

one fully balanced bottom end and reworked head .

bottom end balanced and matched to the pulleys and the flywheel .

flywheel been skimmed as well .

the crank was brand new and was still out weight wise lol

blocking off a oil passage and tapping the oil pump so that it forces all the oil round the oil cooler not just some of it like in the oe set up .

some head work .

basically taking all the machine marks out of the chamber faces to reduce the risk of det . and recutting valves and porting and maching all the manifolds to the head .



had to get all the shims for the solid tappets remade . std car has hydro tappets . but they lock at higher rpm so roversport replaced them with solid ones

but this means that these will need to be checked and changed as a serviable item .

checking and calculating volumes

cleaning the sump out and welding in a baffle plate for those hard corners !

new je 1 mm over sized forged pistons

fitted with 3 layer steel head gasket and arp head bolts

forged conrods

doing a dry build and checking all the bearings etc .

martinhodge 03-12-2015 23:13

m moving house soon so having to get the engine out of the house and into my garage as im keeping the garage . and that way dont have to worry about moving it on move day .

it will end up in the new house dont you worry .

now i had forgot how heavy these things are so i had to man up and lift it out the house on the std trying not to damage the door frame on the way out lol

taking off the std .

std oe valeo clutch going on this is only for the run in of the new engine . to make sure a theirs no leaks etc from seals and to give me a much smoother run in time rather than a much more aggressive clutch .

aligning the clutch

its started raining now . i will get the gear box on later and start fitting up all the mounting points and other bits and bobs so im ready to just crane the whole thing in . i will get the engine loom on as well .

stoped raining so gear box on engine

next step is to get the lower tie bar mount bush remade in poly i seen some one d it before on a forum some where .

martinhodge 03-12-2015 23:14

right its getting quieter with work etc now due to rolling up to xmas . so gives me and bodyshop man more time ti crack on with the body work .

boot floor needs replacing as i will be shot blasting the whole rear end etc and i dont think their will be much left once i do .

this is due to years of coupe leaky boot syndrome .

rear shelf out .

rest of interior and carpet out

doors etc stripped and off

bushes pressed into the arms

passenger side rear quater removed mostly . will be removing it higher up on the rear piller as per hs a bit later on when ready to mount new one up

damage an rust to inner sill and this is the good side!!

will need to get the inner sill repaired or find a new part for it

martinhodge 03-12-2015 23:14

ue to mine being broken i managed to find a superflex bush that fits

had to burn the old bush out .

new bush fitted

its a very tight fit and ur need a vice to get it in or use a long nut and bolt and some washers etc like i did but the fit looks good .

martinhodge 06-12-2015 21:12

well both sides off car now pics to follow next week when i manage to get down their

anyway a huge thanks to to mr and mrs taylor . add and stacey to every one else for giving me a couple of old t25s .

i only need the core and the exhuast housing .

i will get the exhuast housing machined out to take a 0.64 wheel and i will get a much bigger t3 compressor housing machined out to take a much bigger gt28rs billet comp wheel .

and then get it rebuilt with 360 thrust bearings etc . cr turbos will be doing the work .

this will just be a stop gap turbo whilst i run the new engine in before fitting the gtx turbo .

one housing is scrap

and one housing is gd but a broken stud .

so a quick easy out job should sort that out .

between the two i should have all the bits needed for a complete unit .

basically turning a t25 from this into this

martinhodge 29-12-2015 20:04

right shot blasted off the areas that where rusty .

and the areas that im planning on reinforcing and stick welding . chassis rails etc

shot blasted rear sills

tank removed

so coudl shot blast this area so can bang a few stichs in here as well

fuel lines removed so can stich weld that side as well

had to get inside the boot as it was rusting their as well due to the rear screen leaking

boot floor plan blasted

now all the areas have been cleaned up and sorted out time to start welding 8)

JOHNDQ 02-01-2016 17:02

Looking good :)

martinhodge 25-01-2016 17:48

wheels refurbed in a sparkly . grey kinda colour . cant really see the sparkle in the photo. wrapped in new toyo r888s

and springs shot blasted and coated in red . again photo changed the colour for some reason

martinhodge 26-02-2016 15:42

suspension rebuilt had the cups reannodised as well

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