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Ordog 16-10-2011 12:00

Virgin 100mb broadband
Just found out i can now get this in my area, im currently on 50mb and wondered if it was worth the upgrade yet and if anyone else has it?

Im guessing most of the exchanges wont have been upgraded to handle this speed yet? as its still in its early stages of being rolled out.

Rotherz 16-10-2011 13:28

Thats ridiculous i think im only like 10MB!

matthastwell 16-10-2011 13:34

Have it in my area but can't justify the cost have virgins cable 10mb and it's always been steady and constant so can't see any problems with there 100mb service

mattsarg 16-10-2011 13:40

I say GET IT! lol

Im currently on 50MB aswell. 100mb is available but i need to confince my parents to get it lol

Captainpirateboy 16-10-2011 15:11

Why would you want Internet that fast at home?

SamP 16-10-2011 16:55


Originally Posted by Captainpirateboy (Post 2043436)
Why would you want Internet that fast at home?

Why the **** wouldnt you want internet that fast at home?!

Ordog 16-10-2011 17:23

lol Sam,

I use the internet for work, online gaming, downloading loads of films and music and i hate waiting for videos to buffer.

I want everything now and fast, because im impatient and hate waiting lol

Pjsprojects 16-10-2011 18:41

Simple reason why most need as fast as possible-a lot of house holds have more than one user online at once.
I'm stuck with aol which is ment to be 10mb but due to the BT exchange being the normal old rubbish I get 3mb,so in an evening normally myself on a consol playing online,the wife watching soaps while using laptop and my daughter on another consol playing online.
Now my lad is getting older he will want to be online so no way on earth is normal crappy Internet speed enough.
Come June I'm going for the virgin 100mb,can't wait.

SamP 16-10-2011 19:02

^^ Knows it.

25/50mb is "fast" for one user, but once you've got 2/3 people all sharing it, its really nothing to write home about. Keep in mind the chances of you getting the advertised speed are slim and its all starting to take its toll.

As monitor pixel sizes get bigger, so does the want for more detail. If I can I'll watch a video in 1080p or LARGER if its available. Cause im a pimp and its 2k or go home...

Captainpirateboy 16-10-2011 19:11

Don't get me wrong I can see the appeal, but surely past a certain point it's just paying for unnecessary speed? I have 30mb in my uni house with another 2 people using it and still download loads of films/music/stream TV and it's more than quick enough. Though I'm used to getting MAX 0.5mb at home, so internet here is luxury for me :lol:

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