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Ordog 18-10-2011 20:06


Originally Posted by BerTo (Post 2044009)
If you play on xbox 360 or PS3 then the ping is Irrelivant as its all monitored and evened out nowadays anyway, the only place it still seems to be affected a bit is on PC games, where the mismath of pings gives people with a good ping the advantage (lag runners they are called)

To me 100mb isnt necessary at all right now, 50mb is more than enought to stream 1080p movies, do gaming and have something downloaded at the same time.

Exactly what i said, however i do all you listed above and share it with others so its suited perfectly for me, plus i hate waiting for downloads and want everything now. On slower speeds it takes several hours for a full 1080p film to download and with 3D on the horizon it makes more sense :)

Also i do play online gaming on my PC. Counter Strike Source ftw :D

Bry_ZR05 18-10-2011 21:23

sorry whats ping mean?

Ordog 19-10-2011 09:14


Originally Posted by Bry_ZR05 (Post 2044028)
sorry whats ping mean?


DannyZR 19-10-2011 10:16


Originally Posted by Ordog (Post 2043452)
lol Sam,

I use the internet for work, online gaming, downloading loads of films and music and i hate waiting for videos to buffer.

I want everything now and fast, because im impatient and hate waiting lol

lol i can back that up, and dan if you need it for work and can justify it go for it

mattsarg 19-10-2011 21:53

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I want it to be 100mbps :( lol

Bry_ZR05 20-10-2011 00:57


Originally Posted by Ordog (Post 2044078)


Ordog 20-10-2011 09:09

lol them numbers that change which is usually in a column when you look at the score board. If they get to high you start to "lagg" i.e. your movements become jerky. :D

Ordog 01-03-2012 18:23

Got upgraded for free today :mml:

Also when they update their exchange (mid march) i should be on around 125mb :D

nickgreaves 01-03-2012 18:34

if u have virgin already In april Virgin are doubling speeds for free its thier usain bolt scheme thing. dont waste your money and let them do it for free !! here is a link to what im on about

Shafz 01-03-2012 18:36


Originally Posted by Ordog (Post 2076060)
Got upgraded for free today :mml:

Also when they update their exchange (mid march) i should be on around 125mb :D

epic speed! :thumbsup:

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