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As most are aware we run a clothing store,


We are looking for fresh new design(s) to go along with our classic line of clothing, there is thus a "competition" which is as follows:


We require a high quality design, which incorporates the site logo ( in Gill Sans MT font written in the lower/uppercase letters as shown)

If you cannot or do not have the font installed, we can add the site font (if you win) just make sure you save a .psd version of the file (photoshop only!)

The size of the design should be a MAX of: 18x12 CM , slightly less here and there is fine (height wise, width shouldn't be that far off).

High Quality save-as (.PNG, vector art etc, NO .JPEG rubbish!)

**Note** Due to the nature of spreadshirt (printing) photographs/.PNG designs can ONLY BE PRINTED ON LIGHT COLOURED SHIRTS (white etc), please remember this when designing the logo, see this design: (

If you use vector art this can be printed on ANY coloured shirt, (note if you are not familiar with vector art please stick to photo art and design for a light coloured shirt)


Please send all entries to: [email protected] with your username somewhere in the email and your artwork attached (do not send the .psd file, this is just for the entry!)

Deadline: 2nd November 2008

Do NOT post up your designs on the board, there will be an anonymous vote after the closing date to keep the competition fair.


The Winner(s) (depending on the quality of entries) will receive there winning design on a t shirt of their choice* (* depending on the format of the design will limit the type of shirt that it can be printed on in certain circumstances), in a colour/size of there choice, there design(s) will also be available in the store for people to purchase through the site store.

My favorite design will also receive a URL classic T-shirt in any size/colour.

Closing Statement:

If you have any questions about the competition (or if your design is correct) please either pm or email me.

I wish everyone good luck, designs will be posted for public vote (of one week) after the closing date (2nd Nov 2008), the winners will be informed after this date to arrange the printing of their chosen shirt/design.
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