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To spice up the missus card..... :hiding:

Roses are red,
Violets are silly,
Open your legs,
Here comes my willy

Any more???

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LMAO @ the ones on CS Mitchy....

Roses are straight,
Violets are twisted,
Bend over love,
You're about to get f*sted.

Roses are cr*p,
Violets are w*nky,
Oooh I've just come,
Pass me a h*nky.

Roses are awful,
Violets are the pits,
Lift up your sh*rt,
And show us your t*ts.

Roses are cr*p,
Violets are sh*t,
Sit on my face,
And wiggle a bit.

Roses make me laugh,
Violets make me titter,
You're a dirty b*tch,
And you love it up the sh*tter.

Roses are red,
But I like carnations,
You're so crap in bed,
That I f*cked your alsations.

Roses are red,
Violets are finer,
Chickens are fowl,
Just like your v*gina.

Roses are red,
It's elementary,
Let's ring up a friend,
And try d*uble-entry.

Roses are sh*t,
Violets are cr*p,
Show me your cl*t,
And I'll c*m in your lap.
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