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I'd make her face look like a painters radio.

She makes the pain of watching Corrie with the mrs all the more acceptable.

Just be aware though as i will kill the f*cking lot of ya!!!


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sorry i joined this one a bit late

She's supposedly seeing Micah Richards from Man City so unfortunately she'll have an ass like a windsock.

i wouldnt, i hate the bitch lol! **** actress and thinks she is bloody ace and she aint! just a tart who i would much more wanna thump that f**k lol
since when has how good she is at her job had anything to do with how hot she is?

Worth a poke.

Id plough her...
rofl, family guy FTW!

I remember thinkin a few year ago... Deffo gonna be a one to do when older :p
perv, but you were clearly right

Ha ha was same with them other 2 in Corrie... New when they got legal they'd be fit as...

And they are... :D

the really disturbing thing, and the reason why i laughed so hard when i saw the thread title is this... we had a trident lad at work a few months ago, and he was clearly a male version of her, looked just like her, only more masculine, and NO, he DID NOT turn me on.

/me prepares for quote abuse.
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