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was in London traffic yest driving home from the motorshow. The fan came on and wouldnt switch off again even after been on the motorway for an hour or so. The rad isnt 100% admitidely it has some fins that have erroded away but i'm confident its not the cause of this.
The temp guage never moves ABOVE a certain point but i don't trust its location. The water has developed a pink froth but its not oily and i'm not too worried. again i don't hink a hgf would be the source of this.
So the main issues are the fan comes on then it wont switch off again. about an hour ago i've just tried swapping the water sensors brown and blue ones from my 1.6L k16 (don't know if theyre the same tho) this didnt change anything. Still the fan won't switch offf once it has come on.
So, apart from the fan raising a concern, the car is occasionally not running correct i.e. 1/2 throttle in 5th, if i push the pedal down it will take 1second to respond as if the map sensor has a 1 second delay and it's not fueling in time.
another problem is the revs are sometime at 1.5k and if i blip the throttle they might raise to 2k, but i can eventually get them to return to normal.
I think it all related to one cause, which mems is upset with. any idea's?
Tommoro i might get around to putting a 82' thermostat in - thought i'd mention.
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