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Hi, as i am having a new head gasket fitted and having the head skimmed, i though about getting the head fully ported and polished in the time when the head is off!

Does anybody no of any1 who can do this in the yorkshire area?

What kind of price would i be looking at? and also would it be worth it with the mods i have got and plan to do:

Full janspeed stainless: manifold,sports cat, intermediate pipe, b box.
K&N apollo enclosed induction kit
exhaust cam from PTP
Vernier pulley
iridium plugs

Will all the mods and a fully ported and polished head would be lookng at around 180bhp?


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i would say yes mate defo, the ptp exhats system pack with an itg can give up to 180bho alone, so with cam and ported head that will defo be 180bhp+ and a good increase in torque
Unfortunately this is far from the truth. With the ITG induction and full Janspeed exhaust on a 160 (as i have) would expect around the 165-170bhp mark assuming the engine is of good health. No where near PTPs quoted figures. Head porting on the K-series is extremely benefitial and I would start with Dave Andrews website DVAPower.
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