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Bright pink and smelling of suntan lotion, Poorboy’s Wheel Sealant can be used on aluminium, coated, chrome and painted wheels and offers superb protection from the environment and brake dust.

Brake dust attacks the wheels and can leave you with corrosion, so the price of this Wheel sealant is much less than a set of new rims.

Poorboy’s Wheel Sealant provides a clear, shiny and protective coating that will block out the dirt and pollution. You apply it like you would any wax or sealant, buffing to produce a shine and then the dirt and dust sit on this coating unable to break through it. It also means that your wheels will be easier to clean next time.

* Use on any wheel types.
* Helps protects wheels from brake dust, oxidation, moisture, tar and bugs.
* Use weekly for best results.

8oz tub. Made in the USA
£11.95 @

Applied my first coat of Poorboy's Wheel Sealant on the Saturday before the Derby ZR meet. Had a banging hangover & quite frankly wasn't up for the job. The last thing I felt like doing was ****ing about with my wheels. However... I also wasn't up for seeing my wheels get ruined by what the roads had in store on the Sunday.

So... Coat on, outside, fresh air (ftw!) & Poorboy's Wheel Sealant in hand...

Wash wheels with nice lubricated auto-glym car shampoo.
Dry with a waffle-weave towel.

Application... Easy!
Took a damp polishing cloth, autoglym cotton cloth IIRC.
Dabbed the cloth in the product.
Product is bright pink, smells like... sweets. Nice.
Applied product in a thin layer to entire visable face of wheel & any little corners I could get into.
Worked my way round all four wheels, leaving the previous wheels to haze over.
Application done.

Removal... Also, fairly easy!
In future I will polish the wheels before I apply the Poorboy's.
I like to think this will make removal even smoother, as no watermarks will remain after preperation stage.
The sealant removed to leave a bright and shiny finish to the wheels.
Easy enough to buff off with a good microfibre cloth.

Does it do what it says on the... pot?
So far... so good.
The drive up to Derby and back has covered the wheels in salt, brake dust, mud etc.
Just by running my finger over a dark spot of brake dust, it rubs off leaving a clean mark where my finger has been.
From this, I will assume that the brake dust hasn't worked it's way into the alloy, or bonded with it's surface.
I am hoping that on my next wash in a couple of weeks, all the muck should just come off with some gentle soap & not much effort.

The pot recommends that you should apply 2/3 layers in a day to get maximum protection, and I will definately do this next time.
So far, I am very happy with the product.


Thanks for flying with Daz's Review Airways.
Hope you enjoyed... the... flight?

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lol WTF?

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Nice one mate,

Might look into getting some of that when my RimWax runs out.

Good review.

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Liking the review Daz, i have heard good things about the product too and it comes as possibly the recommended wheel sealant. I shall be trying some at some point.

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enjoyed the flight, loved the peanuts :D
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