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Just a note about sigs and avatars
well underway at the moment

priority and list being finished

1 richard
2 Batesy
3 droog
4 the claw
5 disco ady (dance version, jester remix)
6 jason 32 (avatar)
7 mike4
8 oh and newbz

all be complete by sunday so prepare for some wild stuff lol
all around 200k mark

anyone else just pm me ok

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postin a load tomorrow on test so please look and comment :grin:

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aint had time again..............those who speak to me understand my work commitments , they'll be ere late tonight , if no one msn's me lol

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Must inform those peeps , who are waiting

I must apologise to all the sigs on my waiting list, due to the amount of work I have on at the moment I've neglected peeps sigs.
Some are nearly completed.

After today free time will be comming my way so I'll concentrate on finishing them.
As you may see I havnt been online much lately.

My work has to take priority I'm afraid along with having to help friends with there PC's.

So please check the testing topic as i will post them there first

Thanks all Brian :grin:
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