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October 2013 - CAR of the MONTH ENTRIES!
This is the thread for September's Car of the Month contest. All entries and photos must be posted here. A voting poll will be created with all the entries during the last week of the month and then the whole community will get the chance to vote. The member entry with the most votes wins and will be announced at the start of the new month.

All the car of month winners will get a "COTM Winner" image tag under their username.

For contest submissions/entries:

- Please post all pictures and entries IN THIS THREAD and it must include 3 photos of your vehicle at its current state to be eligible.
- You are allowed to include a modifications list if you prefer, or link to a build thread if you have one
- Any parts waiting to be put on the car or parts for sale may not be included on the list

Thanks everyone and good luck!

*ANY unrelated posts or comments in this thread will be deleted*
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