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This has been floating around Notts last few weekends:


The following information relates to a gathering known as "The Nottingham Cruise"

Following a large number of complaints from the public, and an unacceptably high number of road traffic collisions, a group dispersal order has been obtained under the Anti Social Behaviour Act 2003

This affects the following streets, within the City of Nottingham:

Castle Boulevard, Castle Bridge rd, Canal St, Greyfriar Gate, Collin st, Middle Hill, Carrington St, Trent St, Popham St, Cliff Rd, Shortwood Cl, Melvile St, Albion St, Castle Marina Rd, Gadwall Cress, Lawrence Way, Kirtley Dr, Queens Dr, Willford Rd, Station St, London Rd

This order begins on - Sunday 23 January 2005;

If you are gathered on the above streets in a group of two or more. You may be asked to leave the area, and not return within 24 hours.

Failure to comply with this direction may result in your arrest.

Nottinghamshire Police recognises that many people attending this gathering persure the legitimate hobby of car modification. We encourage you to obtain a privare, off road location in which to enjoy your hobby.
Doh!! Just when I was getting into the whole thing!! :wallb:
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