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This is a revolutonary new product that simply attaches to the valve in your tyre and then remotley sends tyre pressure AND temperature data to the LCD screen mounted inside the car. It will monitor the pressure and give a visual and audible warning if too low. This can save a lot of problems with tyres wearing too quickly due to underinflation as well as notifying you of reduced pressures if carrying a heavy load for example.

The temperature gauge is ideally suited to track day enthuisiasts who want to be kept constantly updated with the temperature information.

These units are currently only available through Kudos Automotive and I will be posting details regarding a group buy soon as well as offering the chance for you to get free units for yourselves.

Normal retail is £299.99 on these units for 4 sensors and the LCD Display

I can get these for £169.99 if 10 or more people want these.

PM me if your interested

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