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I found a tidy(ISH) mk1 zr 160 in my local scrap yard and took off the front splitter hoping it would fit onto my mk2 without too much messing around, I noticed that it was too short so I took off the end caps so it would sit flush onto my bumper, and then realised that the top of the splitter was over lapping the bottom grill, Ive seen this done on a mk2 with the splitter and side skirts from a mk1, has anyone else done this and would you kindly tell me the best way of fitting it.
1. Skim the splitter so it doesn't sit as high.
2. Buy a mk1 bumper and bond it with my mk2 bumper.

Reason for wanting the splitter and side skirts off a mk1 on my mk2 is that I prefer the look of em and think it looks wider, preferring the mk2 headlights. :wall:
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