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Hi all, I have an mgzr 160 which has some documentation to say it was built by Brown and Gammons from a shell that left the factory part built. I bought it with a blown water pump. Having replaced the water pump, cam belt, pulleys, head gasket, bolts, thermostat, oil, filters etc I could not get the water to circulate through the rad. Replacing the rad has not cured the problem. Then the imobiliser packed up so I had the relays changed which worked for a few days then packed up again.

I have no time or inclination to finish trying to cure the problems so it has to go.

Is there any interest on here. I know I will not get back what it owes me but due to the history of the car it seems a shame to break it. Registered 2008 but built by brown and gammons in 2011.

Cant access the classifieds so have put this post here. Car is in somerset
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