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Hey there,

I have a 2004 MG ZR 105+ that I bought as a non runner project car, as far as I know it was running a couple months before I got it, as it had it's MOT last September, thinking it would be something like the previous owner had done a head gasket and couldn't get the car running afterward, however there is no engine light when ai turn on the ignition and the fuel pump doesn't run, both the light on the dash and the fuel pump work, because it has run once on a Saturday, after unplugging the ECU, plugging it back in, locking and unlocking the car, I got an engine light and the fuel pump ran, so I tried turning it over and the car started fine, after taking it for a run up the road and back I turned it off to see if it would start again, which it did, but when I went to try on the Monday, again there was no engine light and no fuel pump.

So far I have tried changing the plugs, coil packs, ECU (I took off the ECU I bought and put the original back on when it started), it has also had a fusebox, because every time I tested the first 3 fuses (looking from the front of the car, the top 3, 2 10 amps, and a 20 amp), I got about 3 volts less than battery voltage on both sides of the fuses, no matter whether the fuse was in or out of the box, this issue still persists.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as the car has eluded me for too long now, thanks.
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