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dont know if anyone has seen this but i thought i would post it

No need to worry, says MG Rover

MG Rover insists owners and buyers have nothing to worry about if the planned tie-in with Chinese manufacturer Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation does not go ahead.

The company has shrugged off reports which claim it has little chance of survival if the joint venture with SAIC is not approved by the Chinese Government and signed soon.

A spokesman for the company said: ‘MG Rover carries on whatever. We’re not approaching a cliff face. As far as the customer is concerned, there’s nothing to worry about.’

When asked, the company refused to consider what might happen to owners if the worst did happen and the company was unable to survive.

When pressed in December 2004, a spokesman for MG Rover suggested the agreement with SAIC would be signed by the end of January 2005. There is no longer any prospect of this happening by the end of the month but the manufacturer said it is still on track to close the deal.

‘We are making good progress but it is not down to us. We are still confident and patiently waiting.’

The spokesman described as ‘rubbish’ reports in The Times newspaper that the UK Government is trying to ensure the success of the SAIC deal with grants to MG Rover. The Department for Trade and Industry has also denied the reports.
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