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I would just like to review the website

I was looking for a new sub for my car and I came across the site.

Instantly I saw that the sub was alot cheaper compared to other sites, and the site it self didnt seem that good, kind of like a dodgy con site. Anyway as it were the cheapest I decided to search for reviews on the website. I couldnt find any on google shopping but came across a few forum threads about the site.

After a bit of reading alot of the comments said they had no problem but one said that when his item was delievered it was used and the company tried to pass if off as new. Anyway as the good points mounted over the bad I ordered...

When my sub came it was in shocking wrapping, and box was in tact but you could clearly see that it was taped back together. I opened the box to find a sub that has a slight small stratch on the enclosure. All the wireing kit and paper work was bagged still as new.

So im guessing the reason why this company can sell alot of goods at the cheapest prices is because they sell either damaged returns or ex demo items and buy them cheap. I checked the damage and it could of been damaged on transit as it was stratched, this could only happen when out of the box.

For me personally I use my boot alot, I didnt want a pricey sub and got mine for a bargin price and alot cheaper than the other sites. So I wont be sending it back or getting a refund because It will get scratched anyway due to using the boot. But I think the website would get on so much better if they just admited what they were selling because alot of people dont mind buying a item thats got a slight dent on it for 40% off from the price. Instead they pass it off as new and when somebodys item arrives they feel disapointed.

So beware if buying from them be prepared for a ex demo deal.
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