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Hi all im looking at getting rid of the ZR soon and not sure what to sell for,

good points or mods:

Smoked front indicators
Just had 2 new front tyres both bridgestone - rears are michellin pilots
Just had new pads mintex
Janspeed centre section
Janspeed 6x4 Oval Back box
Smoothed tailgate illuminated boot popper button by Savage
Blue Monaco Interior
leather steering wheel
Black MG alloy tax disc holder
standard side skirts
Painted calipers with xpower decal
drilled and vented discs been on for bout a year
silver xpower front grille badge
Smoked rear lights- dont know what they are called :D
Center front arm rest black leather with blue stitching to match monacos
lowered on Avo's
BDC CDA carbon enclosed Air Filter
Switches converted to blue led's
Clock converted to blue
It has the exhaust trim too and has proper allen key bolts holding it on lookd the biz:D

Bad points:
The usual chips and things nothing major though, and alloys slightly curbed from previous owners.

It has just over 50,000 on the clock, unfortunatly it doesnt have remote central locking or electric windows but does have the fob for the alarm, its always been a good runner with no major problems, its the 105 1.4L.

1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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