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you may well have seen me make a proper tit outta myself on the other forum pages, but....

Hi to all,

I am a new user to this site, so apologies if i get anything wrong!! I have had my ZR 160 for a couple of months after trading in my focus 1.8 - I have to say I love it!! after reading all the press, yes including clarkson who doesnt appear to like any car costing less than £100k, I bought one after a test drive - its a superb car - handles like a dream and goes like stink!

I recently got my papers thru for emigration to NZ, and all being well it should go thru - this is the only reason i am selling. I thought about taking the car with me, but the export costs are just too high, so I am reluctantly selling my baby.

Its an 02 plate with 45k on the clock, I am asking £6995 with the brand new stereo and the infinity speakers (I know that probably sounds like f**k all to you lot that know your mods) I will drop to £6495 for a quick sale. **f**k it, let me know where I am going wrong, this is a F**king great car, why can't I sell it???"****

Basically if anyone knows someone who wants one, let me know!!!!!
(great site BTW, i was a member of a focus site, and it was crap compared to this one!!!)

tks all
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