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Thanks to Niko Bellic and the listed members.

After many troubles of going through top mounts I have finally cracked the code of sorting them out lol. The only reason the rod of the Coilovers were going through the top mounts is because i was missing a 'Bump Stop Washer'. This sits on top of a lipped area on the rod and stops the rod coming through completely, it is number 5 in figure 1.1.

Figure 1.1 - Original Shock set up

Now after my Coilover had come back from Gaz as the shocks were in a REALLY bad state, I still had some annoying problems with a knocking noise, so after many annoying days I took the shocks to the rally workshop up the road form where I work. After much umming and arring lol, Denzel came to the conclusion that the 'Bump Stop Washer' (numbered 5 in figure 1.1) knocks against the 'Spring Cup' (numbered 4 in figure 2.2), thus making a metal on metal knocking noise.

Figure 2.2 - Fitting Diagram Supplied by Gaz

Here is a video of my very welshy accent explaining how it goes together

As in figure 2.2, you will need to get out the bearing that sits on the underside of the top mount: -

1. Remove Bearing from top mount
2. Fit wedge, supplied by Gaz making sure the thick part is facing out the wing.
3. Fit bearing on top of wedge
4. Fit Spring cup on top bearing
5. Fit the whole assembly on top of rod

Now at this point if I dont grind down the washers then I will not be able to fit the whole top mount assembly and not enough thread will be shown to the top nut. If I put on the spring cup first then followed by the washer, I get the 'Knocking Noise', as said this noise is caused as the washer is being forced to go in and out of the spring cup.

The 'Bump Stop Washer' will need to be ground down so that its small enough to go in and out of the spring without making contact on the 'Spring Cup', I took out this 'Bump Stop Washer' from the OE shocks that comes with the cars, now I am not sure if they are the wrong size or Gaz have skimped out on supplying washers with their shocks.

The image below shows how the washer goes onto the rod, before grinding the washer down it was near the same width as the spring.

The image below shows how the top mount assembly should look once complete.

I need to do the other shock as its slightly still making a knocking noise, I hope this will help others who across the same the problems I have had. If anything in this guide the other members disagree on then please feel free to comment or add your views to the thread. I hope these new rods last as long as they are meant to now that I have placed the missing washer.

I would like to thank the following people for sticking with my constant questions and pestering:-
MGTDi 666

You guys are awesome :wub: joo all.
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