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Typhooner :)
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a note on the local language... ;)

Summatsupeer - There is something strange about this
Gerritetten - Eat up all your food
Gerartnit - Kindly leave
Smarrerweeim - Is something worrying him
Azeegeniter - Has he given it to her?
Iampgorrit - I do not have it
Eezgooinooam - He is going home
Asthagorritreight - Have you got it right?
Astagorritwithy - Do you have it with you?
Purremineer - Put them in here
Ayampteeardnowt - I have not heard anything
Thalaftergerranewun - You will have to get a new one
Shuthigob - Be quiet
Owzeenoe - How does he know?
Geeorerurin’ – Stop crying
Thasagoodun – You are very kind
Amgoinaht – I am going out
Geeorewittlin – Stop worrying
Aberritinterze - I will wager that she doesn’t own it
Itduntmarrer - It is of no consequence
Eesezeeantadit - He says he has not had it
Eenoze nowt abartit - He does not know anything about the matter
Astergorrertanner - Can you lend me some money?
Lerrer gerrontbus - Kindly make way for the lady to board the bus
Astaseenimonttelly? - Have you seen him on tv
Eezgorriz atooam - He has his at home
Eesezitintiz burraaberrritiz - He says he does not own it but I would wager that he does
Sumonemz gorragerroff - Some of them must get off
Nardendee wotdardooin - Hello there, are you busy?
Oowerrrywee? werryweeizsen? - Who was with him? Was he alone?
Ateldhim burreewunt lissen - I told him but he would not listen
Lerrim purrizaton - Let him wear his hat
Astle clowt thi iftha dunt geeoar - I shall hit you if you don’t stop it
Gerrarry tergithee andweeit - Ask Harry if he will help you
Thawontster wesh thi eeroils aht - You should pay more attention
Thakkan if tha wants - You may if you wish to
Eez nobbutta babbi - He does not possess a sense of humour
Tarra sithi - Goodbye, will be seeing you.

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PMSL!!! Love it!!!

Reminds me of a book I bought my dad for xmas, called "Werzmedad" :up:

Typhooner :)
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if you need a translation, grab me at a meet!!!! ;)

Typhooner :)
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oh yeah, i forgot eyup!
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