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Well I put the DVD in a couple of days ago, but found I needed an adaptor cable to allow the sound to be fed through my head unit and the rest of the ICE. Ordered the adaptor from Audio66 yesterday and it was here this morning thanks to DHL.

Once the rain stopped, took the head unit out and routed the cables through and it now sounds FANTASTIC, especially with the lights as well

Heres a little vid clip as well that shows the whole lot working together

Also took the opportunity to sort out the engine bay lighting and add some more (got some strobes I am thnking about fitting as well)

Big thank-you to Gordy as well for the ZR badges which now adorn the front grill :up:


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kabash said:
awesome nick...dvd looks sweet..see u at janspeed
Sorry, wont be there. Despite originally Contacting Kathryn and Janspeed and organising it, I have since found that I had other committments so had to hand it over to Jib at his request.

Thanks to everyone for the kind comments. Got lots more to come just got to find the time to get it all done
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