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sorry for the delay peeps, i lost my cable and had to buy a new one.

so finally (3 weeks late) here are my trax 2008 pictures!


(and if your on 56k you need to updgradings your internetings to faster servicings)

ok here goes

i went to dartford on the saturday, met up with tony and we went to get a drink. i was staying at an 'inn' kind of place, was pretty shabby but for 32 quid you cant complain.

but at 2:30am i here some scabling in my room, i wake up thinking sh!t, someones in my room! then i heard a squeek and thought to myself, o shiiiiiit!

sure enough, when i turned on the light i saw a little bastard of a mouse going through my rubbish. i was pretty disgusted to say the least. i was supposed to be getting up at 4 so i went back to bed and pulled the pillow over my head so i wouldnt hear the squeeking. but the squeeking go louder! turned the light back on to see not 1 little mouse but 3 big mother fvckers! i was appalled, so i grabbed my stuff, did my hair and got the hell out. went down stairs and the back door wouldnt open, so i walk towards the bar area when in the corner of my eye i see a movement sensor turn red. o sh!!!t.

a screeching alarm goes off at 3am at an inn in the middle of dartford, with me stuck inside. great.

i finally manage to get out of that hell hole and the alarm eventually stopped and waited for tony on a bench outside.

tony came round and picked meup and we were on our way to the northampton services.

we got there first at 6am!

then first to arrive was seanie, then the rest of the crew arrived slowly, apart from that poor brm chap :( and zr_bud who delayed us by thinking it would be a good idea to slam his car into a ditch. :hmm:

let the pics commence:

then we set off

awesome shot of beth

as the traffic was moving slowly, i thought i would jump out and run along side the motorway taking pics, this was an epic fail because as soon as i got out the traffic started moving again and i was forced to run as fast as i could to try and catch up

see part 2

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cant believed i missed the drive up there with you guys, that was the part i was looking forward to

Nice pics david
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