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Hiya, I want to know if anyone has fitted these pedals to their car, or some similar with two vertical holes. My dealer says I cant install these cuz the screws will have to go through a big metallic chunk behind some pedals.
Can you please post pics of your pedals?


These are the ones I have got fitted to mine.

The accelerator is not too much of a problem. You can remove the plastic front if you wish, but the cntre of the pedal is hollow so you will need some quite long bolts if any fit down the centre as they do in your pic.

Brake is dead easy and conventional and is the easist of the the lot.

The clutch is an absolute nightmare as the mounting lever at the back is offset at about 45degrees so trying to get the bolts drilled and fitted can be a real problem. You may have to drill and countersink your own holes to get a good fit. I tried about 3 different manufacturers until I found a set that fitted without too much hassle.
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