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As people seem to be not reading the announcement, i'll put it here for a bit.

Andy :)


All ads submitted to the classifieds section will now have to wait for approval from the mod/admin team.


Also members minus 250 post will not be allowed to use :Cars for sale section: Due to people registering just to use this section.

Please Note : This will Not effect official members.

Please see here to pay for official membership.

This will hopefully cut down on ads that have been submitted that have not followed the forum guidelines, and duplicated ads posted.

Any ad that is posted and does not fit the guidelines will be automatically deleted.

It should also free up a fair bit of the mod teams time.

Shafz / andylew0


Please be aware of the following new rules

The For Sale section has now been limited to only allow the poster (in parts for sale and cars for sale) to be the only person able to post.

There will be no "post reply" option in the FOR SALE sections. The original seller may post/edit and reply to his or her own add as before, but people will not be able to respond to posted adverts.

They can contact the seller with regards to the advert, it is thus important to correctly label your adverts!

The "Wanted" section remains as before.

There is also a "ranks system" in place :

1000 posts:

up to 10,000 + posts:

There are also new trading rules:

Last Edited 26/11/2008​



Please remember that can accept NO responsibility whatsoever for any deals done on this Forum. All transactions are private between the buyer and seller.

Mandatory Rules

  • Referral Schemes strictly Prohibited

    [*] Members minus 50 posts are not allowed to use the for sale section. This does not affect official members Traders or Hobbyists.

    [*]Please post a price, even if it's "offer's near £" It also saves you receiving unrealistic offers! Any ads that are listed with just "offers" shall be deleted !
    If you are unsure of a some research! Use Ebay/parkers/pistonheads.

    [*] No "How much is my car worth" Threads on forum.

    [*] When buying something from a multiple item listing, please be sensible!

    [*] Don't click the "commit to buy" button on multiple item listings as that means you're committing to buy EVERY item in the listing! Use your head and send the seller a PM.

    [*]Please ensure you upload a picture of the item you have for sale, failure to do so may result in your advert being deleted.

    [*] NO "stock pictures" Pictures must be of the actual item.

    [*] When listing items for sale please give as much information as you can think of. No links to cars for sale.

    [*]Anything deemed as being dodgy or suspicious will be removed (eg: NO weapons of any description. NO Pirate Software, NO Snide/Counterfeit Clothes/Footwear ETC)

    [*]Please take note of the above rules - failure to adhere to these will result in trading bans. A first offence will carry a 48hr ban. Second offence a 1 week ban. Further offences will cause a permanent trading ban.


Advisory Notes

When items are sold, please PM a Moderator asking them to close the thread, or post "CLOSED". The thread will then be locked. Also please place an 'Item Sold' post in that thread in the mean time.


Recommended Guidelines

It is advised that once you agree on a deal, you exchange the following details:

1. Full Name
2. Full Address and Postcode
3. Telephone Number (NOT Mobile)
4. Confirmation of details of the trade
5. Payment Method
6. Clearly state your understanding of when you expect the money or goods to be sent


Buyers Advice

  • As with any internet trading, please be aware of whom you’re purchasing items from. Please follow these simple steps....
  • Remember to checkout the seller’s iTrader score, and any other For Sale threads they may have.
  • Check out their post count and join date. A higher post count and longer the user has been active, the more trusting they SHOULD be.
  • Ask other members by PM if they've had any problems with a said seller.
  • Try to meet face to face where you can inspect the item before monies trade hands.
  • Any problems with the transaction should be dealt with via PM and keep a record of ALL messages until the situation has be resolved.
  • If you’re still unhappy with your purchase and seller wont refund, you can always pursue the matter via the small claims court. Always get the sellers address so you can go down this route if need be. Paying by cheque is a good way to obtain this.
  • Any dodgy or suspicious trading should be reported to mods/admin straight away.

Trade Sellers

All traders wishing to sell MUST contact admin/mods prior to posting.



If a problem arises regarding parts purchased via theMGZR, the forum staff will endeavour to help resolve the situation.

However, in light of recent events regarding items purchased between forum members, it has been decided that if the members choose to use the Paypal 'Gift' payment instead of the 'Goods' payment method, the forum will not accept any responsibility or offer any assistance with any issues that arise.

The 'Gift' payment is for just that - Money sent in exchange for no Goods or Services. It is not to be used as a payment method for Goods or Services and doing so is going against Paypal Policies.
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