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Might as well start this then.

Meets set for 16th November 2008 at the Bristol Winterbourne Go Kart Track.

More details are here -

Nearer to the event ill book us up and we can pay at the event. What races does everyone want to do? BBQ there depending? If not we can head off to subway or something similar, pref stay out of town tho as parking 10+ zeds wouldnt be great fun.

After this maybe we can have a run up out of Bristol and take some pics? People with local knowledge would be great, as mines er... Poor.

Copy and paste the list with your names... You know what to do tbh!

1. SamP

BTW, this is copied from my post on 5 or so of us attending, hoping to get 10 or so. Once a few people sign up ill book go-karting. Hope to see a good few of you there :)

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Could do then, i shall let you know! I know my way to Cribbs lol
Don't we all lol. Was at Cribbs this morning. Didn't realise they open at 10 and was there at 8.30 after a night shift. Couldn't be bothered to wait.

Will get the details and put it into my sat nav which will make things easier
1 - 20 of 139 Posts
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