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Just thought i'd share some of the photos from our day out.

The ZR pits:

New smoked lights that i wanted :hurt:

Nick and Steve working on Mikey2k's car

Arty shot of Mikeys:

The Solar Red Pit:

My one :up: :

The one that didnt make it:

Solar Red 105 attacking Brands :wohow:

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brm_ski said:
quality pics there mate, i love the one with the new lights on (sorry but i had to have them). :mrgreen:
impulse buy like me then adam

1st person on the site to have them i think the smoked ones that is

Worst of all he drove it there so had no way of getting it home other than arranging a transporter. Not only did he ding the front but the back as well as he clouted the barrier which spun him so he clouted it again with the back.

It was heavily modded to with a lot of fibreglass panels, looked lovely and was going well until he stuffed it. Just hope he had track insurance.

Just hope you dont have to change that reversing light on your LH side light Brm_ski. They were a real pain to fit with your changer in there as well. Didnt help fitting it only to find there were no bulbs in there other than the indicator (DOH).
Still they look well smart
1 - 20 of 21 Posts