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A new Bluetooth device turns the iPod into the ultimate remote control for a home stereo.

Belkin's TuneStage, which is slated to ship next year, serves as both the controller and the source of the music, wirelessly streaming tunes to the stereo. The device consists of a receiver that connects to a home theater system or stereo and a small transmitter that sits atop Apple Computer's iPod music player. The iPod can serve up songs from as far as 30 feet from the stereo using Bluetooth, a short-range wireless technology.

"The best remote for an iPod is the iPod," said Randall Stowasser, product manager for Belkin's iPod accessory line. Belkin has not announced a price or an exact shipping date for the device, though the company will show off a pre-production version at the Consumer Electronics Show and Macworld Expo, both of which take place in early January.

Other recent Belkin releases include a sleeve that acts as a supplement to the iPod's built-in battery. The $99 TunePower rechargeable battery pack is a sequel to an earlier product that was cheaper, but somewhat bulkier and used AA batteries.

Source: C|NET
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