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:thumbsdo:I had a Sony Ericsson k320i mobile phone for christmas last year, that decided to stop working a few weeks ago.
Girlfriend bought it for me and still had the receipt.
Took it to Argos two Saturdays ago and they send it for repair, per their policy. If it cannot be repaired, then a refund, replacement, or another item exchange exsists.
I rang a few days ago, and the phone rings and rings and rings. Nothing no reply all day, even ring at half 7, half hour before they shut when the store will be quiet, nothing. Rubbish.
They rang me today and missed the call by seconds, put my sim an old mobile, rang back straight away and you guessed it ring, ring.
I cant get to the store during they week day as I work until early evening.
Apologies to anybody who works for Argos.
Just need to vent my frustration. :shoot2:
Anybody else had similar problems.
I found out that the repair shop is only a few streets down from my local store aswell.
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