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DON'T EVEN GO THERE!!! Its been discussed many times on here in the past, they are a load of bollocks, no one mod ever done to an engine unleashes 20bhp. All this does is knacker your engine.

you have been warned STAY WELL AWAY.

If you really must try it then pop down to Maplins and buy a resistor for 5p as that is all this 'mod' is. It alters the resistance of the air sensor so it thinks that the air entering the engine is colder than it is. This causes the MEMs to add extra fuel just like it does on a cold day and like you have a choke on carburettor engine for.

In theory sounds great, extra fuel must mean extra power. In practice it is rubbish. The only thing it will increase is your fuel consumption and decrease your bank balance.

Too much fuel will cause carbon fouling of your plugs and valves with the added problems of detonation (pinking). Excess fuel will wash the protective oil film from your cylinders (bore wash), dilaute your oil and reduce its viscosity and protection.

Unburnt hydrocarbons will contaminate your cat and cause it to fail prematurely (and they are expensive) as well as probably fail the MOT emissions as well.

These are the most significant problems and there are countless more. Ask yourself, as already pointed out, if it was this easy to get extra power so cheaply from an engine then why havent the manufacturers done this already or even the engine tuning specialists? If you ever saw the REVVEd UP TV programme where they modified a 105 ZR then they spent well over £1000 on engine modifications to get about 10bhp. Why not use the method from ebay?....because it dosent work!

If it seems too good to be true then it almost certainly is!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts