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Originally Posted by Man in the Car View Post
I assume you are referring to the plastic clip which holds the bottom edges of the seat cover to the frame. They are general referred to a J-clips or J-strips.

They are very common for breaking away on the ZR seats, and there are several options for sorting the problem:

The simplest way is to drill through the plastic and the metal plate it fits to and use self-tapping screws to hold it in place. However, the screws can tend to break through the plastic eventually, leaving you back at square one.

A better (but more involved) solution is to replace the broken clip. You can either get a used clip from a seat in a breaker, or see if you have a vehicle upholsterer in your area who might sell you a suitable length (or lengths) of new J-strip which can be stitched to the seat cover in place of the damaged one.
ok, based in this page of items what would work best?
could it be glued on with superglue?
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