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UPDATE: a note about competitiveness

Looking at the YTD figures Chris Knott Insurance has won 38% of all new quotes offered during 2015. That's really good and means we're frequently beating the best rate that members can find anywhere else.

And, if you thought that was just a ploy to attract new clients and then hike the rates in year 2, you'd be wrong - we keep 82% of policies at renewal. This is because we try to offer consistent pricing (as long as there have been no claims or other changes during the year). We're all about trust and long-term relationships, not wildly fluctuating quotes.

Please give us a call if your insurance is due soon and we'll do all we can to find you the best deal - sometimes that involves using your best alternative quote to negotiate with the insurers who are vying for your business.

To find out how much you could save with Chris Knott you should call 0800 917 2274 (now FREE for mobile phones too).

If you call before the end of September we'll also enter you for our current prize draw to win 150 mods/parts/accessories of your choice - see our other posts for details.


Feedback about Chris Knott's prices and service, gathered in just the last week...

"Just wanted to give a shout out to all the people at Chris Knotts, not only did they beat my renewal quote but also improved on the offerings, and that was including the fact my previous best had an extra 10% off for my dashcam! Top knotch service and an unbeatable price, thanks guys and gals!" spikedog, MPS Owners

"Well after the hunting and chatting to a few folk, then receiving my renewal quote from Sheila's Wheels which has mysteriously jumped up 100 without any mods declared. I called Chris Knott. Had a chat with the lovely Cathy and taking into consideration the mods that have and are being done got a quote of 200 less than Sheila's who were very concerned about the mods and really did not really understand the mod issue. Hastings jumped dramatically when I mentioned the mods especially the uprated front brakes going on next month so I dropped them out. All in all I have a much better policy, declared mods, better excess and other addon's for 440. Which when you consider my Coupe is parked on a London residential street at home is not bad." Shel, Hyundai Coupe OC

"Just changed my car and had a pleasant and effortless time on the phone doing it. As I spoke the lady was simultaneously emailing my new documents over. Premium should have gone up a bit but no charge, swapped my GAP insurance over to my new car as it had over two years to go and all for a modest 15 admin fee. Got off the phone with all new document printing out of my printer and a smile on my face as I was braced for spending out 100 or so. Highly recommend." dagdave, CMax OC

"I'm with Chris Knotts myself now since there's a fair chunk of mods on the car these days. Think it was Cathy I spoke to as well when I called, pleasant and no faffing around Well, no faffing at their end, I called back about 3-4x as kept remembering more mods." Lexo, Hyundai Coupe OC

"You beat my previous insurer by 200 with the modifications declared and so easy to deal with. Many thanks." Sherri Joyce, Facebook

"ALSO a HUGE thanks once again from me! Did a shop around with another company, they sent me [their] quote cheaper, Knott were sent this quote and matched (even beat it by 20), so this is the FIRST TIME in over 16+ yrs of driving I've ever paid for a policy in one go! Very happy again. Cheers guys." vwnutant, UKPassats

"Rang you up today and you beat my best quote so I insured through you. Thanks." Outofthi5world, Briskoda

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