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They say that if you wait long enough everything comes back into fashion. That's certainly what's happened with 0800 freephone numbers as, since 1st July, 0800 calls are now FREE on all mobiles as well as landlines.

We'll continue to advertise the Chris Knott geographic number (01424 200477) alongside our freephone number for a little while yet but you can start using our 0800 917 2274 number from your mobiles with immediate effect.

We look forward to your call if your car insurance is due for renewal soon.

You can use the same 0800 number for our Breakdown Cover, GAP Insurance and Home Insurance too.

Chris Knott Insurance

These guys called us and received great savings in the last few days:

"Year after year beaten all other quotes. This year managed to drop my renewal by nearly 150 and beating the competition! 5*" David A Dodgson, Facebook Review

"I'd like to take some time to thank Chris Knott Insurance for beating my renewal quote of 1554 by 150+. I've had my licence for over a year but didn't get insured straight away, so for 1 year's no claims around my postcode, that was a super saving. Even the choice of paying monthly was low, my original provider would have been in the 2k mark if I chose to pay monthly! Hopefully next year you will do the same and save me big . Thanks to Nick for setting this up :good:" Connolly3000, R32OC

"You guys just beat the cheapest quote with an insurer I've never heard of on GoCompare, with a decent named company and with my other half on the policy. Well pleased with that outcome. " scruffy_ Type R Owners

"3 years in a row now I've not had to move insurers." beckiejmc, Astra Owners Network

"I switched to them this year.. Beat all quotes I got plus offered more extras like 'Driving Other Cars'... hopefully same again next year" Thom89, Astra Owners Network

"I switched to you guys this year and you saved me over 300 compared to my renewal! Let alone the other quotes I had got." Ant21, Astra Owners Network

"Already have my car with CK, but wanted to see if I could get SWMBO's car cheaper when her renewal came around, CK beat it by 25. But then the mrs did some comparison sites and beat that by another 20. I really wanted her to go with CK, but thought "its already 45 less than her original renewal with her old company, the 25 off is probably as good as they can do".....but Ian had a look and managed to knock off a further 5 from the cheapest quote we found! So that's 2 cars (and another friend) all with Chris Knott. Thanks for the great service guys!" robt100, Briskoda

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